Pigeons & Poo, that's what we do!

The Pigeon Man is your Las Vegas expert on pigeon removal, deterrent, and more!



Maintaining a professional appearance for your business includes ridding the property of pigeons and their poo. 


Keeping your home free from pigeons and their poo not only extends the lifetime of your house, but also protects the health of you and your loved ones. 

About The Pigeon Man

The Pigeon Man has been family owned and operated for almost 5 years. Created in 2016, we recognized a pigeon problem here in Las Vegas, and we wanted to provide a solution. Servicing the entire Las Vegas valley, we use our expertise to keep your property free of pesky pigeons.

Our Services

Pigeon Deterrent

Have you been noticing pigeons cozying up along window ledges, door frames, roofs, or anywhere else on your house? Our pigeon deterrent services include blocking off these areas to discourage the birds from making your house their home. 

Solar Panel Protection

Pigeons can be bad news for your solar panels. You’ve invested time and money into upgrading your home to solar technology, be sure to protect that investment by having us install barriers to prevent pigeons from roosting under your panels. 

Pigeon Poo Removal

In addition to ridding your property of pigeons, we also offer power washing services to remove their poo. This fecal matter can be detrimental to building structures and to the health of those around, and having it removed is recommended.

Our Promise

Fair Prices

We believe that taking care of your pigeon problem shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. We want to ensure your property remains pigeon-free, while staying within your budget.

Fast Service

We realize that when you have a pigeon problem, you want it taken care of fast. We work quickly to rid your property of pigeons and we do it right the first time. 


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